Issuing vital statistics certificates and certified copies of vital records

With an application, you can apply for evidence from the archive regarding marital events which occured in Estonia. Based on an application, we also issue transcripts of acts compiled in the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department from 1926, including transcripts of acts compiled in the Mustamäe and Nõmme sector.

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In order to receive a confirmed transcript from a document compiled in a Vital Statistics Department in Tallinn or Nõmme or in an additional office, please go to the Tallinn City Archive.

If you require information about a marital event which took place before 1 January 1926, please go to the National Archives.

Which recurrent marital event evidences are issued?

Marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate and name change certificate.

Marital event certificate shall be issued to you about yourself, your minor child and ward.

In addition, a marital event certificate is also issued to a representative. A representative must have an authorisation with a power of attorney.

A certificate about the marital events of a deceased person shall be issued to an applicant in case of legitimate interest.

If the details of a person’s marital event (birth, death, marriage, divorce) have been included in the population register, the person does not have to submit the government of Estonia or local government a certificate on paper. State and local government institutions and other public authorities must be guided by the details included in the population register and cannot require a statement on paper.

A recurrent marital event certificate can be issued, as required, in Estonian, English, German or French. In addition, we issue marital event certificates pursuant to the Convention on the Issue of Multilingual Extracts (CIEC certificates) concluded in 1976 in Vienna to countries that have joined the convention.

Please find the list of countries here CIEC.

1. Select the type of applying:

Submit an application via the information gateway Riigiportaal.

There you need to choose: services/for a citizen/family/ordering the input of a vital statistics document. In case you want to receive the document from the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department, please mark this as the place of receipt upon submitting the application and pay the state fee to the account of the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department.

Personal identification

Your identity will be identified when you log in to the State Portal.

Application reception confirmation

When you have successfully filled in the application and signed it digitally, it shall reach us and we shall process it and issue the required vital statistics document.

In case of deficiencies in your application, you shall receive a relevant notification from Riigiportaal.

Your application shall be processed in a general queue without delay, but no sooner than within five working days.


Your application will be processed in general order without any delays and within five workdays. Follow the notices in the portal. Duplicate document will be issued for your signature.

What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

To achieve the desired result follow our instructions.

Reception is subject to a general queue.

You need to fill in an application on the spot.

If possible, we shall issue the certificate to you while you wait but no later than within five working days.

If you cannot come and apply for the certificate yourself, a person authorised by you with a power of attorney can do this for you. The power of attorney can be sent ahead of time via e-mail, by mail or submitted on the spot on paper.

Tallinn Vital Statistics Department at Pärnu mnt 67, Tallinn.

Personal identification

Have an identity document with you.

What to do with the form

Give the filled out form application form and your identity document to our official.


You can pay the state fee and all other fees on the spot by using your bank card (except American Express) and also in the Internet bank.


Your application will be processed in general order without any delays and within five workdays. We will issue the duplicate document once you have paid the state fee.

What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

To achieve the desired result follow our instructions.

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