Archive of the heritage protection department

To submit an application:

Where to start

Study the form that is available here
The immovable monument can be conserved, restored and renovated only based on a project that conforms to special conditions of heritage conservation and under cultural heritage related supervision by a specialist.

Personal identification

Have an identity document with you.

What to do with the form

Give it to a customer service employee.


Issuance of the permit or denial will be decided within two weeks.

City Planning Department
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Telephone: 6404259
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Tallinna Linnaplaneerimise Ameti muinsuskaitse osakonna arhiiv asub kuni osakonna kolimiseni Raekoja plats 12 keldrikorrusel. Arhivaariga saab ühendust kas telefonil 640 4724 (Raekoja plats 12), e-posti teel või tel 640 4259 (Vabaduse väljak 7).

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