Absence of tax arrears certificate


1. Select the type of applying:

Write a free form e-mail, making sure it contains the following:- name, register code and address of the body applying for the certificate
- date of verification of tax arrears/due date of public procurement
- desired date of the issuing of the certificate
- name and telephone number of the person to contact
- e-mail address, on which the certificate is expected

What to do with the form

Send to helle.nemvalts@tallinnlv.ee.

Pursuant to the section 14 susection 7 of the Taxation Act, the certificate for having no tax arrears will be issued within five workdays since the application was submitted

Transport Department
Official: Helle Nemvalts
Address: Vabaduse väljak 10a
Telephone: 6404995
E-mail: helle.nemvalts@tallinnlv.ee

Fill out the form that is available here.

What to do with the form

Send with necessary additional materials to Vabaduse väljak 7, 15199 Tallinn.