Changing and updating personal data in the Population Register

Changing of a person's primary and statistical data, marital status and relations, based on an application submitted by the person, court judgement and a certification of a marriage contract, divorce, birth, death or name change that took place in a foreign country.

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To submit an application:

Where to start

1. To change the data of your minor children or the wards in the Population Register you need to bring along the document that is the basis for data amendment. Marital status documents that were issued abroad have to be legal and translated into Estonian with notarial authentication about the truthfulness of the translation. Information about divorces that took place abroad is available here. To change statistical data it is possible to fill out and submit a Notification of statistical data. To receive additional information call +372 6457481. Come to the Vital Statistics Department at Pärnu mnt. 67, Tallinn.

Personal identification

Have an identity document with you.

What to do with the form

Give your request and the documentation to our official.


We will check the documentation that you submitted and make a copy of them. Then we will add the data in the document to the register and based on that we will change your, your children's or wards' data.

What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

To achieve the desired result follow our instructions.

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