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ELLU is an internet environment for readers who like to read books online.Everybody can get acquainted with books available via ELLU but only readers of Tallinn Central Library can read and borrow themYou may register as a reader of Tallinn Central Library in the library Visitor's card.To borrow and read e-books you have to create a user's account in ELLU. For creating the account you have to enter your username, password, ID card number or the barcode number of your library card and personal code. You have to enter an ID card number in case you use your ID card as a library card.

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In order to use the library and its branch libraries You will need to register.

Tallinna Keskraamatukogu
Address: Estonia pst 8
Telephone: 6830920
E-mail: ellu@tln.lib.ee
Web address: look

Täiendava informatsiooni saamiseks helista telefonil 683 0920 (eestikeelse kirjanduse osakond) või kirjuta ellu@ tln.lib.ee.

Service providing location
Tallinna Keskraamatukogu Estonia pst 8