Paying of fines according to the following laws: Local Government Organisation Act § 662-663; Alcohol Act § 69-72; Packaging Act § 29-31, Penal Code § 262; Waste Act § 120-126; Traffic Act § 7437; Public Transport Act § 541-547 and § 5410; Trading Act § 24-29 and § 32; Tobacco Act § 38-50; Building Act § 65-69; Nature Protection Act § 71, 73-74; Public Water Supply and Sewerage Act § 151. The English legal text is here
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To submit an application:

Where to start

Payment of a fine via the self-service portal. If you have been issued with a misdemeanour ruling with a fine, the imposed fine should be paid only by bank transfer within the time limit indicated in the misdemeanour ruling, and the payment order has to indicate correctly the following payment details:

  • SEB Pank: IBAN: EE311010220061053015 SWIFT: EEUHEE2X
  • Swedbank: IBAN: EE532200221035708677 SWIFT: HABAEE2X
  • Danske Bank: IBAN: EE753300333470270001 SWIFT: FOREEE2X
  • Nordea Pank: IBAN: EE481700017001237124 SWIFT: NDEAEE2X

Fine reference number: unique 16-digit number indicated in the misdemeanour ruling NOTE: Use of the listed payment details is compulsory. The incorrect indication or non-indication of just one of them will result in a failed fine payment, and the fine funds will be transferred back into the person’s account. If payment is being made on behalf of another person, the memorandum should definitely include the name of the person on whose behalf the fine is being paid and, additionally, indicate the number of the misdemeanour ruling. When effecting a transfer of a fine from a bank located in a foreign state, it is necessary to use the BIC or SWIFT code of a bank located in Estonia. Further information

  1. The payment details necessary for the payment of a fine are indicated on the misdemeanour ruling issued or made available to the offender.
  2. The imposed fine should be paid by the due date, which is the effective/due date indicated on the misdemeanour ruling.
  3. Under § 203 (2) of the Code of Misdemeanour Procedure, any overdue misdemeanour fines are referred to a judicial officer for enforcement within 10 days from the decision taking effect.
  4. On the day following payment, it is a good idea to check your bank account statement. If there was an error in the transfer, the amount paid will be transferred from the bank back to the payer, meaning that no transfer will have occurred.
  5. Where enforcement proceedings have begun for the collection of an overdue misdemeanour fine, the fine should be paid into the account of the relevant judicial officer using the details indicated on the enforcement notice.
  6. The payer is entitled to request a refund of an amount paid twice or in excess or into the fine account by mistake. For this, a relevant application should be submitted, indicating to whom and into what bank account the funds should be returned