Alarm button service

The objective of the service is to increase the feeling of security of
the elderly and disabled people by using the mobile alarm button service.

The objective of the use of the service includes summoning of help above
all in situations, where the client is unable to move and independently
open the door to the helpers, for example: 1) unexpected need of medical
help to which inability to move is added; 2) unexpected need for
so-called personal help (falling, temporary immobility, getting trapped
in interior rooms, etc); 3) situations requiring rescue service (fire,
explosion, etc).
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1. Select the type of applying:

Contact Tallinna Hoolekande Keskus, tel 666 0041. The precondition for the service use is the availability of a desk phone in the client’s home and the access to the client's living quarters.


An emergency system is installed to the person's living quarters that enables to call help round-the-clock.

MTÜ Tallinna Hoolekande Keskus
Address: Suur-Sõjamäe tn 6a
Telephone: 6660041
Web address: look

  • if the client pushes the alarm button, a signal is transferred to he Tallinn Help Line 1345;
  • The employee of Tallinn Help Line 345 determines if there's any need for help and in case of need sends assistance.