Permit for installing outdoor cafeterias and small equipment

Coordination of the installment of outdoor cafeterias and small equipment (ice-cream booths, post-card sales racks) to monuments and the heritage conservation area of the Old Town.
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To submit an application:

Where to start

1. Study the form that is available here 2. Come to Raekoja plats 12To install outdoor cafeterias and small equipment to the area of cultural and environmental value in the Old Town, it is necessary to submit the outdoor cafeteria's draft plan with equipment description, attached together and in three copies (the Cultural Heritage Department, the City Centre Government of Tallinn, the entrepreneur).

What to do with the form

Give it to a customer service employee.


The draft projects are reviewed by a committee that convenes once a week. The decision of the committee is communicated to the applicant within two weeks by phone or e-mail, following the day of acceptance of the draft project. The approved application or non-approved materials can be received at Raekoja plats 12, second floor, from the secretary of Tallinn Cultural Heritage Department.

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