Permit ticket for street sales

Issuing of selling permits for street trading or peddling (a sales permit for trading on the street).


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Peddling is the retail of goods sold from the hands of the seller or from the basket, portable table or other portable or mobile inventory of the seller.

The sales site of street trading is a place of activity in an area with notional boundaries permitted by the district government and/or on a site, where street trading is organized by the city district government.

A selling permit is a document issued by the city district government, permitting the sale of goods or services listed on the permit, pursuant to the conditions and in the area indicated on the permit.

To submit an application:

Where to start

    1. Study the Regulation no 27 of Tallinn City Council, adopted on May 18th 2006 “Rules of street sales for trading with the sales ticket of the district administration and the prices of sales tickets”.
    2. Contact the service provider of the district administration that regulates the area of your place of business.


Sales ticket is issued or denied.

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