Professional support person service to a child with a profund or severe disability

A child with severe or profound disability and autism spectrum disorder will have an adult support person who will be the child's friend and will provide emotional support. The support person will help to develop the child's communication and other social skills and to fill up the child's free time 2-3 hours per week, based on the child actual activity capability and the family's needs. The support persons have received theoretical and practical training from the teachers of First Dormitory School of Tallinn and an experienced professional organises the activities of support persons.
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To submit an application:

Where to start

Contact your local social welfare department.


Child receives a volunteer adult support person, who has passed an appropriate training program, for up to a year.

What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

The City Disdtrict Elder solves complaints related to service provision. Upon disagreeing with the adminisrative act issued by the City District Elder it possible to contact the City Government or the County Governor.

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Service standard ?

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  • Procedure for performing the service:

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