Rental of city-owned representative institutions

To submit an application:

Where to start

Choose a suitable room and ask over the phone if the room is available for rent when you need it. The contacts are as follows: Roosikrantsi residence, Ene Viidas - 631 3979; E.Särgava guest house, Jüri Padam - 605 6105; Jaan Poska house, Pille Lang - 616 4018; Tallinn Town Hall - 645 7900.To hold an event it is necessary to submit a written application to the linnasekretär Toomas Sepp. When you have found suitable premises, fill out the form.

Application reception confirmation

A copy of the sent booking form will be sent to the e-mail address that was included in the form.


Payment is based on invoices. Study the conditions here.


You can rent premises in a representative institution.

For contact information, choose institution from the list: