Residence certification

Issuing a residence certificate to a person about himself/herself, his/her minor child or ward.

In case of a legitimate interest, the population statistics department (rahvastiku toimingute talitus) of Harju County Government, can issue the registered addresses of other persons,

Presenting a residence certificate to a state agency or a local municipality institution is unnecessary, since they have the access to the Population Register of Estonia

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To submit an application:

Where to start

You don't need an the certification of place of residence to submit it to a state or local government institution, because they have access to the Population Register. If you still need it go to the service provider.

Personal identification

Have an identity document with you.

What to do with the form

Submit an application to our official for a residence certificate about yourself, your minor children or wards.


You will receive the certification of place of residence.

What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

To achieve the desired result follow our instructions.

For contact information, choose institution from the list: