Sõle Sporthall

A multifunctional three-storey sports complex shall be built on the property next to the former Sõle Basic School and the building shall be ready by autumn 2017.

Sports facilities: swimming pool (total area 943.8m2) with a 25-metre pool (eight lanes, depth 1.3-1.8m), children’s pool (6x10m, depth 0.8m), ball game hall with three courts (1853.9m2), fencing hall (nine strips, 317.6m2), training hall (317.6m2) and two smaller training halls (148.7 and 246.4m2).

The sports centre’s full-scale artificial grass football field, compliant with FIFA Star2 norms, has been completed. In winter, it shall be covered with an inflatable hall. If you require further information, please contact us via e-mail krisport@kristiinesport.ee and include sportnoorsoo@tallinnlv.ee on the copy line (cc). Additional information is available on-line from the websites http://kristiinesport.ee/sole-spordikeskus/ and http://www.tallinn.ee/sport/Teenus-Sole-Spordikeskus.

To submit an application: