Submitting a detail plan proposal/objection

The service describes the possibilities to submit proposals/objections to detailed plans.
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To submit an application:

Where to start

Go to the homepage of the Register of Plans.

Personal identification

Log in to the information system, using the ID-card or the username.

What to do with the form

Choose Info/teenus (information/service) -- Avalik väljapanek (Public display). Click the button ”Ettepanek/vastuväide" (Proposal/objection). The system checks the input of obligatory information automatically and notifies the applicant of missing data. It is possible to add drawings, files, illustrations when submitting a proposal/objection.

Application registration

The proposal/objection is registered in the Register of Plans and will be automatically forwarded for processing

Application reception confirmation

The person who submitted the proposal/objection will be replied according to applicable rules.


The person who submitted the propsal/objection will receive an answer according to valid rules.