Support services and trainings

Family training program for family members and close persons of adult sick persons with psychological special needs (schizophrenia and similar mental disorders).
Organisation of the work of the support group for young people TEIS (for young people becoming ill with mental health issues for the first time)

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Information Room offers the services of social counselling and experience counselor. All family members and close persons are expected, who would like to receive support and information to manage mental disorders and to obtain general information about mental health services.
Experience counselling - a person who was diagnosed with a mental disorder and who has experience from relcovering, shares knowledge and experiences. Experience counselor helps other persons with similar problems to recover better.
Social counselling is a provision of necessary knowledge from a social worker to the person, concerning social rights and laws and the provision of help with solving specific social problems to promote further coping. See additional information about the Information Room...

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Where to start

1. The client contacts the family training program at his/her initiative. 2. The youth support group receives referrals from the initial psychosis department of the Psychiatry Clinic of Tallinn The client can contact at his/her initative.

Personal identification

Have an identity document with you.


1. Contemporary information about the causes of schizophrenia, symptoms, prognosis and various treatment possibilities is provided in the family training program. Strategies and skills are taught to handle crisis situations. 2. The support group TEIS works on the basis of the self-help principle where young people with similar issues share their experiences and thus provide support.

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