Waste certificate

If during constructions works the amount of construction waste exceeds 10 m3, it is necessary to add a certification, that was verified in Tallinn Environmental Department, concerning construction waste handling according to requirements, to the application documents for a permit for use of construction works.

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To submit an application:

Where to start

  1. Come to Tallinn Environmental Department, Harju 13 room 304.
  2. Have the construction project and documents with you that confirm suitable management and and a filled out waste certification (2 copies). The waste certification form.

Personal identification

Have an identity document with you.

What to do with the form

Give it to a customer service employee.


The certification is approved or denied for specification.

Environment Department
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Address: Harju tn 13
Telephone: 6404285
E-mail: aleksandr.taraskin@tallinnlv.ee
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