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Nõmme District Administration


  Vabaduse pst 65
  11211 Tallinn
  Phone: +372 645 7333
  Fax:     +372 645 7340
  E-mail: nomme [ät]


Building of this district at the southern border of the city was started in the end of the last century. At first it developed as an independent city, in 1940 it was linked to Tallinn. Up to today the prevailing type of building is single family houses, which are located on sandy areas covered with pine groves. Because of the low density of buildings it is also known as the Nõmme forest city. There are almost no industrial enterprises (except for the Männiku area). Even though the district has some problems, it is still one of the most prestigious ones in Tallinn.

Territory: 28,0 km2
Population: 38 898 (1st Jan 2012)

Last updated: 04.04.2012