Terms and definitions

Tallinn public transport with a standardised ticket system (hereafter referred to as the public transport service) is a public carriage service that is operated within the City of Tallinn on whose means of public transport a standardised document evidencing the right to travel is valid. The means of public transport on which the standardised ticket system is valid are marked with the logo of the ticket system.

The Public Transport Card (e-card) is an electronic, contact-free card. It is a personalised or non-personalised data medium designed to provide evidence of the right to travel which is purchased through the e-ticket system and marked with the logo of the standardised ticket system of Tallinn. Other contact-free cards which are linked to the e-ticket system (such as student cards) and which meet the standard supporting RFID technology may also be used within the e-ticket system, as may an NFC mobile phone. Personalised e-tickets are only valid with proof of identity.

A document evidencing the right to travel is a ticket or another document indicated in these regulations providing evidence of a passenger’s right to travel.

A ticket is loaded onto the data medium or an electronic database. Evidence of an electronic ticket or the right to travel is provided by the passenger’s ID card, Public Transport Card or another data medium indicated in these regulations. Tickets are sold individually and as single-journey tickets, hourly tickets, travel cards, combined public transport and rail travel cards and individual combined public transport and rail tickets.

The e-ticket system enables personalised or non-personalised electronic tickets to be purchased which are validated using the e-card. Personalised tickets purchased via the e-ticket system are only valid with proof of identity when journeys are validated.

A personalised Public Transport Card is one that has been linked to a particular person. This enables the person to make use of any discounts to which they are entitled. Even if the person is not entitled to any travel discounts, their personalised card ensures that the money they have loaded onto it is not lost if they lose their card. Cards can be personalised at any Public Transport Card sales points.  This service costs 1€ to the cardholder. The card can be personalised for free in internet on pilet.ee

A validator is the electronic apparatus installed on all means of public transport that is used to validate a passenger’s right of travel by holding the Public Transport Card against it. The right to travel or lack thereof is indicated by text which appears on the screen of the apparatus and audio signals emitted by it.

Validation is the purchasing of an e-ticket or the registration of a journey using a validator every time a passenger enters a means of public transport. Validation is mandatory for all e-ticket users and individuals with the right to travel discounts within the e-ticket system.

Proof of identity is a document issued by a state authority that bears t

he name and date of birth or personal identification code of the user, a photograph of them or an image of their face and their signature or an image of their signature, unless the law or legal acts established on the basis of law state otherwise.

The Estonian Education Information System is a national register which includes a sub-register of data on all school and university students enrolled in educational institutions in Estonia, including foreigners. The system does not include data on Estonian citizens studying abroad.

The Estonian National Social Insurance Board Information System contains data on individuals who receive a state pension.

Recipients of the subsistence benefit are individuals or families who receive the subsistence benefit indicated in § 22 of the Social Welfare Act and whose place of residence according to the population register has been the City of Tallinn for at least one year.

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