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10133 Tallinn
Phone:   +372 645 7401
Fax:        +372 645 7400
Head:      Küllo Arjakas




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In accordance with current statutes, the City Archives “collect, organize and preserve the archival materials of historical and ongoing municipal institutions of Tallinn, as well as other records of archival value which are important to the study of the City of Tallinn and its history, and guarantee public access to them.” The Archives “organize research into the history of Tallinn and prepare publications based on archival materials in its collections.”


Main tasks

  • collecting and preserving records of archival value created or received as a result of the activities of the local government and institutions of Tallinn from the 13th century until today;
  • giving opinions of the records management procedures of supervised institutions before their establishment and amendment;
  • giving opinions about the document lists and retention periods of supervised institutions before their establishment;
  • dealing with the methodological issues of archiving and consulting institutions of the City of Tallinn and legal entities in public law about archiving;
  • guaranteeing preservation and protection of the records delivered to the City Archives for preservation and access thereto pursuant to the Archives Act and the requirements established on the basis thereof;
  • improving and perfecting the records preservation conditions in the buildings of the City Archives;
  • conserving and restoring the records kept in the City Archives and continuing the creation of a backup fund (microfilms) to guarantee that records, especially the ones that are old and in bad condition, are preserved;
  • issuing archive notices and extracts from the records kept in the City Archives;
  • improving and perfecting the accounting and record keeping system concerning the records kept in the City Archives, issuing archival information and methodological materials, archive guides and catalogues;
  • organising scientific research of the history of Tallinn, incl. publishing the records held in the City Archives and scientific researches based thereon;
  • organising seminars and meetings about history and archiving;
  • cooperating with local and foreign archives and other research institutions in archiving and studying history;
  • introducing the history of Tallinn and the records held in the City Archives through exhibitions, excursions, lectures and other events and also in the mass media.


Important telephone numbers:
Queries about the archive of the Tallinn Buildings Register: 645 7425 (Merle Sutt, Merle Urm)

Queries about archival data of studying and jobs: 645 7422 (Katrin Kaldma)

Information sector: 645 7412 (Kalmer Mäeorg)


Last updated: 09.08.2019