Municipal Engineering Services Department

Mündi tn 2Mündi 2
15197 Tallinn

Phone: +372 645 7191, +372 645 7192
Head – Ain Valdmann 

Main tasks

  • organising the design, construction, repair, maintenance and cleaning of roads in the city;
  • organising the design, construction, repair and maintenance of street lighting and the lighting of other objects of infrastructure;
  • organising road maintenance inspections;
  • developing drafts of the road management plan, road development plan and other road management documents of Tallinn;
  • processing, granting and/or suspending and/or cancelling excavation permits, special permits for extraordinary carriage or journeys on the city's streets that are subject to a charge and processing other permit applications that concern the principal activities of the board;
  • organising supervision of excavation and emergency works;
  • organising and surveillance of the implementation of the development plan of the public water supply and sewerage system of Tallinn;
  • inspecting the performance of the requirements for use of the public water supply and sewerage system and compliance of the registered immovables to be connected to the public water supply and sewerage system with the water supply and sewerage requirements;
  • organising the design, construction and operation of rainwater drainage pipes;
  • processing applications for compensation of the fee for joining the public water supply and sewerage system;
  • organising cooperation in water economy with water undertakings;
  • organising the protection of water intakes of Tallinn City and provision of quality water supply and sewerage services;
  • organising the design, construction, repair, maintenance and operation of the objects of infrastructure that offer public services in the city;
  • approving detailed plans, road and street lighting construction and other projects and street vending, advertising, etc., permits;
  • applying for funds from the European Union, the private and public sector for the performance of the board's main tasks and organising the use of such funds;
  • participating in international cooperation within its competency, incl. organising participation in European Union programmes;
  • maintaining the road and street lighting register and other registers and databases required for the performance of the board's main tasks;
  • managing the port facilities and shore protections belonging to Tallinn;
  • developing the legal acts of Tallinn that concern any issues within the competency of the board;
  • performing the tasks arising from the Code of Misdemeanour Procedure as authorised by the city government;
  • organising the possession, use and disposal of the municipal property given to the board for management pursuant to the procedure stipulated in the legal acts of Tallinn;
  • managing and supervising the contract under public law entered into with the state in the area of crisis management in the administrative territory of Tallinn for performance of the administrative tasks of local governments stipulated by law.
  • The board also performs all other tasks assigned to it in the legal acts of Tallinn.


Last updated: 19.11.2019