Park and ride

Park and ride – good for the environment, good for the wallet.

In the Park and ride car parks on the outskirts of the city, you can park your vehicle free of charge and safely and travel to the City Centre by public transport.

Why use the P&R system?

  • It saves money as parking is free of charge.

  • Parking is safe – the car parks are equipped with cameras.
  • Their use is convenient, with the car parks at public transport stops.
  • It saves money as public transport services are frequent, on time and with minimal waiting times.
  • Stress from standing in traffic jams and looking for a parking spot in the City Centre is reduced.


Car park locations:

Oru (Narva mnt 120C)

Pirita (Jõesuu tee 5)

Kalev (Pärnu maantee 150)

Väike-Õismäe (Paldiski maantee 221)

Gonsiori (Gonsiori T7 / Laagna tee T12)


How to use the P&R system?

  • To use the Park and ride system, all you need to buy is a ticket for public transport .
  • Timetables for the public transport serving the P&R car park
  • Use the free of charge trip planner!

1. When entering the car park, open the barrier with the Smartcard

2. Parking and use of public transport is FREE if you validate your journey on public transport with the Smartcard

3. To exit the car park, open the barrier with the Smartcard. Release the parking lot before 3:59 AM

If all parking spaces are occupied when entering the car park, the P&R system user has 15 minutes to leave the car park free of charge.

If you have a problem using the car park, call 14410.

If you have lost your Smartcard or have a validation problem, call 11800 or +372 611 8000

Ride with companions:

The person whose card is used to validate the entrance to the car park may confirm up to four passengers using the validator's arrow buttons, who can travel with him or her on public transport free of charge.
The selection is confirmed by pressing the OK button. In public transport, it is no longer necessary to select four passengers, it is enough to validate the card registered at the entrance to the car park.
Passengers do not need to validate their card separately. Passengers must travel on the same public transport as the person who validated the public card when entering the car park.

Legislation and surveys


Further information

Tallinn Transport Department
(+372) 640 4700


Last updated: 02.04.2020