Provision of general medical care to an uninsured resident of Tallinn:

Starting from 1 June 2013, the Tallinn Social Welfare and Health Care Department no longer pays family physicians of Tallinn for general medical care services provided to uninsured persons.

If an uninsured person in the practice list is not able to pay the family physician for their service, they may be referred to Lääne-Tallinna Keskhaigla Kopli polyclinic at Sõle 63 for general medical care and ambulatory surgical care. Reception is free of charge for all persons registered as residents of Tallinn. 
General ambulatory care is provided: Tue 08:00-11.30; Thu, Fri 09:00-16:30. Surgical ambulatory care is provided: Mon, Wed, Thu 10:00-17:00; Fri 08:00-15:00

In-patient aftercare is provided at the Kallavere Hospital, at Haigla 2, Maardu.


Last updated: 04.01.2017