Purskkaevu heliacal (The Fountain Greenery)/Pirita Keskpark (Central Park of Pirita)

Central Park of Pirita is located at the corner of Kloostrimetsa and Merivälja Roads and is 1 ha in size. The design was completed by Ülle Grišakov of OÜ Kivisilla, the park itself was completed in 1999. The paths are created of granite siftings with ash surfacing and large granite rocks underneath. Large granite boulders on the bottom of the reservoir leave the impression of children playing on the beach. The granite boulders are surrounded by shallow water and the bottom is covered with the sea gravel and cobble‑stones. The water is hardly covering the stones and the bigger ones stick out of the water. The water comes in asymmetrical streams creating rainfall. The reservoir is surrounded by the benches, trash bins and flower vases. The species of trees growing around include horse-chestnut, maple ash, stinging fir, white willow, maple, common lime tree, elm, decorative apple‑tree, common fir. The bushes include Nippon’s meadow‑sweet, common lilac, mountain pine, common barberry, snowberry.

Last updated: 23.05.2014