Tallinn's coronavirus measures information

The emergency situation has come to an end since midnight of May 18, and the restrictions will be eased graduallyOfficial information on the crisis can be found here – www.kriis.ee/en, information from the Health Board here.

May 6th, Tallinn's COVID-19 restrictions exit strategy was revealed. The restrictions will be lifted in 3 phases - read more here. The easing of the restrictions established due to the spread of the novel coronavirus started on May 11, first with regard to outdoor activities. On 18 May, restrictions on contact activities outdoors were lifted and from 1 June, the city will resume services for the elderly.

The City of Tallinn is following the recommendations of the Health Board and the orders of the Government in containing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The town's employees and officials continue their daily work and service to the citizens as usual. However, the servants of the city will offer clients with visible symptoms a face mask, hand disinfection possibilities are also available. If the client with visible symptoms refuses to wear a mask, the servant has a right to direct the client to use other channels of communication (emails, telephone, website, etc.). 

Other useful websites and phone numbers for getting information in English can be found here.

Useful numbers:

  • 24/7 National coronavirus helpline - 1247
  • Municipal policy helpline - 14410 (information on the city services)
  • 112 - in case of medical emergency (breathing difficulties, etc, please contact immediately).

City Districts' contacts:

City Centre (kesklinn@tallinnlv.ee, +372 645 7200)

Haabersti District (haabersti@tallinnlv.ee, +372 640 4800)

Kristiine District (kristiine@tallinnlv.ee, +372 645 7100)

Lasnamäe District (lasnamae@tallinnlv.ee, +372 645 7715)

Mustamäe District (mustamae@tallinnlv.ee+372 645 7511)

Northern Tallinn District (pohja@tallinnlv.ee, +372 645 7040)

Nõmme District (nomme@tallinnlv.ee, +372 645 7333)

Pirita District (pirita@tallinnlv.ee, +372 645 7600)


  • Newest information on the situation of the COVID-19 in Estonia can be found on the Health Board's website
  • Organisation of work has been rearranged in the hospitals. Visiting patients is forbidden. More information can be found on the websites of the hospitals.
  • In case of a dental emergency, serious pain or trauma, patients should first contact their dentist. If the dentist can not provide emergency assistance, one can get help from one of the three emergency clinics working in Tallinn.

If you have a emergency dental problem, please contact the clinic first:

Tallinn’s Dental Polyclinic (6 121 200, info@hambapol.ee) – the clinic also works on Saturdays and Sundays from 9-13.

Unimed’s Kaarli clinic (619 9119, info@khp.ee)

Unimed’s Järve clinic (677 6800, registratuur.tallinn@unimed.ee)

  • In questions regarding health, please call the family physician advisory line 1220 or +372 634 6630 (also for calls from abroad)112 is the emergency number, in case of breathing difficulties, call 112 immediately!


Travel advice for Tallinn

  • You can find the most relevant information on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • If you are travelling and wish or need to return to Estonia, you can find useful information here - Ministry of Foreign Affairs FAQ
  • In an emergency, you can always consult the Foreign Ministry officer by phone +372 53 01 9999 (24h)

Public Transport in Tallinn

  • Using public transport is temporarily free for all until May 31. From June 1, the ticket controls will resume and so will the obligation to validate your ticket on board the vehicle (more information here).
  • There is no entrance from the front door of buses and trolleys and there is a sanitary zone from the front door to the front seat row, you can not use the front row seats (more information here)
  • The public transport vehicles are disinfected twice per day, but the passengers can contribute to the safety of all on board by following some simple rules.


  • Museums and attractions in Tallinn are open once again! More info here.


  • In Tallinn's schools, distance learning is in place until the end of the academic year  generally, in some cases, one-on-one consultations or in small groups is allowed provided that the teacher is equipped with personal protective equipment. More information - Ministry of Education and Research.
  • The Goverment has decided that the state examinations of upper secondary school are voluntary this year. Basic school final exams have been cancelled.
  • School children in Tallinn who are studying at home during the emergency situation can get a weekly food package, the last packages will be distributed June 3 this academic year.  Detailed information about receiving the food packages is given by schools. More information can be found here.
  •  Starting from May 18, it is possible to begin with one-on-one contact lessons or in small groups of up to five people. Hobby schools, where contact lessons restart on May 18, will start to give out invoices for the services provided. No invoices will be issued in those hobby schools where distance learning will continue after 18 May. 
  • Admission tests of gymnasiums will be conducted online. Specific information is given by the schools.
  • The school stadiums could be opened from May 11 based on the decision of the school's administration and given that 2+2 rule and hygiene measures can be adhered to.

Youth Centres

  • All youth centres are closed, but are actively using social media in order to communicate and engage in various activities. Information on various online activities can be found here (in Estonian).
  • Starting May 18, youth centers may resume their activities provided that some measures are implemented. Only one-to-one activities are allowed indoors, and compliance with the 2 + 2 rule, disinfection and personal protective equipment for employees must be ensured. Up to 10 people can participate in the outdoor activities at a time.


  • Kindergartens have remained open and all possible cases of COVID-19 are dealt with case-by-case.
  • Kindergartens have taken special precautionary measures advised by the Ministry of Education and Research. For example, parents are not allowed in the kindergarten building and the entrance of anyone showing any symptoms of a possible infection is not allowed either. The temperature of every child is checked upon arrival.
  • Tallinn City Goverment decided to support children in private kindergartens and daycares. To apply for the additional private kindergarten allowance, a parent or a caregiver must submit a free form application together with the payment receipts to Tallinn Education Department. One application can also be filed for both March and April together. The additional allowance for children in day-cares is automatically added to the main allowance that the parents or caregivers have applied for.
  • The kindergarten fee for children in municipal kindergartens has also been waived until May 31.


Social services

  • The City of Tallinn is providing emergency assistance in cooperation with Stockmann in delivering groceries to the residents of the city who are in difficult situation (more information here).
  • Home services are still provided to those in need, including elderly and people with disabilities. 
  • Home care patients get their medication delivered home contact free, the same applies to groceries in cooperation with Selver.
  • Those in isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak can also get help from volunteers through a platform „Community helps“ - "Kogukond aitab". Help with getting groceries, medicine from pharmacies and for many other things including a friendly phone call in case you feel sad or lonely. Our City Districts are also in close cooperation with the volunteers. You can let the volunteers know about your specific needs here or via phone call (+ 372 716 8068 (9.00-21.00).

The situation is constantly monitored and the information updated.


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