Adjudication of child related disputes

The court will include a guardianship authority to provide an opinion in case of child related disputes. To formulate the opinion the child protection official of the district will exchange information with the child, his/her parents and other close persons. The official will also gather information from other specialists, incl. from the kindergarten, school, medical institution, police, etc. Child's interests will be the basis when the opinion is drafted, taking into account the wishes of the child, if the child is at least 10 years old and if the child is younger, then depending on his/her development level.
The parent who is living separately from the child and would like to agree on terms for communication with the child, the parent has the possibility to turn to the guardianship authority at first to find a solution.
  • Where to start

    Cntact the child's child protection official at the local social welfare department.

    For contact information, choose institution from the list:

    Personal identification

    Have an identity document with you.


    A positive opinion, proposal or point-of-view to settle te dispute.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    The district elder solves disputes related to service provision. It is possible to contact the City Government or the county governor if one cannot agree with the district elder's administrative legislation.

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