Allocation of landscaping grants to apartment associations within the framework of the ‘Green Yard’ project

The budget of the measure in 2020 is 40,000 euros,

of which, 38 236,09 euros are allocated for grant payments, 0,00 euros are reserved for applications being processed, and 4839,11 euros are listed as available resources.


The procedure of allocation of landscaping grants to apartment associations within the framework of the ‘Roheline õu’ (Green Yard) project was approved by Regulation no. 4 of the Tallinn City Council of 8 February 2018 (RT IV, 16.02.2018, 26).

The landscaping grants are designed for the apartment associations located in the territory of the city of Tallinn. The maximum amount of the landscaping grant available to one apartment association amounts to 60% of eligible expenses, but not more than 600 euros per year.

The grants may be applied for in the year of submission of the application after the completion of the supported works and after the payment of the respective invoices by the applicant.

The landscaping grant may be applied for maintenance of the yard area or for the following activities related to landscaping:

  1. Purchasing and planting of trees, bushes, permanent plants, climbers, and flowers;
  2. Purchasing and installation of vases, hanging flower pots, and other containers, purchasing and planting of plants;
  3. Mowing of lawn, moss control;
  4. Cutting and maintenance cutting of trees;
  5. Purchasing of the services required for completion of the activities listed above; NB! The grant is not available for purchasing the tools and other equipment required for performing the above-mentioned operations.
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