Car- and motogroups at the hobby schools

Car- and motogroups at Tallinn municipal and private hobby schools. The contact details of the hobby schools are in the education database.

  • Where to start

    Visit the hobby school, contact details are here

    Personal identification

    Bring along your identification document


    Place in the hobby group

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    You will be assisted by the chief specialist of the Unit of Extraschool Activities Merike Kivimäe, phone 640 4978, email

    For contact information, choose institution from the list:

  • Tallinna Huvikeskus Kullo

    Name Unit Price
    Autoring, 1 individuaaltund nädalas kuu 48.00 €
    Autoring, 2 tundi nädalas (individuaalne sõiduõpetus + liiklusõpetus rühmas) kuu 51.00 €
    Motoring, 4 tundi nädalas kuu 44.00 €

    Tallinna Kopli Huvikool

    Name Unit Price
    Tehnika ja tööõpetus 6 tundi nädalas kuu 25.00 €

    Tallinna Tondiraba Huvikool

    Name Unit Price
    Auto ja motoring, 4 tundi nädalas kuu 30.00 €
    Auto ja motoring, 6 tundi nädalas kuu 35.00 €
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