Checking of public transport usage rights

Organization and supervision of the inspection of documents certifying the right to use public transport.

If sentenced with misdemeanor with a penalty sum, the penalty imposed can only be paid by a bank transfer, by the term noted in the misdemeanor decision. 1.      The payment details required for the payment of the penalty are stated in the misdemeanor decision issued or made available to the offender. 2.      The imposed penalty must be paid by the due term, which is the entry into force/payment term stated in the misdemeanor decision. 3.      Defaulted misdemeanor penalties are forwarded to a bailiff pursuant to the Code of Misdemeanor Procedure) § 203 (2) for compulsory enforcement in 10 days after the decision has entered into force. 4.      On the next day following the payment it would be recommended to check your bank statement. If the transfer included any errors, the paid amount is repaid to the payer from the bank, meaning that the amount was not transferred. 5.      If the execution proceeding for collecting the defaulted penalty for misdemeanor has been initiated, the penalty must be paid to the bank account of the respective bailiff, using the details stated in the enforcement notice. 6.      Any amounts paid double or in excess or by mistake to the penalty account can be claimed back by the payer. For this, a respective application should be submitted, stating to whom and to which bank account the money should be repaid. In case of problems, please contact the registry unit of the Municipal Police Department of Tallinn, calling 661 9868 or by sending a message to the e-mail address

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