Child protection surveillance service

The purpose of the service is to offer counselling to police officers and specialists who work with children.

Services are available outside the regular office ours of child protection specialists of Tallinn City Government (from 01/01/2015 through 31/12/2015).

The service is subject to application or call from police requiring the presence of a child protection specialist:

1. questioning of minor witnesses, based on Article 70 of the Criminal Procedure Code at City Centre Police Department (Kolde pst 65), East Tallinn constable station of East Harju Police Department (Pinna 4) and West Tallinn constable station of West Harju Police Department (Rahumäe tee 6/1), including the following situations:

1.1. witness is younger than ten years of age and repeated questioning may have harmful influence of the psychological condition of a minor;

1.2. witness is younger than fourteen years of age and questioning is related to domestic or sexual abuse;

1.3. witness is an individual with impaired speech, mental or intellectual disability or mental disorder;

2. handling a case of domestic abuse, involving a child victim who needs assistance.


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