Collection of hazardous waste by categories

Used batteries, electronic and electrical waste can be delivered, free of any charge, to points of sale, waste collection centres and collection points for hazardous waste. Car tires will be collected, free of any charge, at waste collection centres and points of sale. Locations of waste collection points and collection points of old tires can be found on web map under the map layer of waste collection stations and pets.


Collection of used batteries
The law provides that all the manufactures of batteries will be required to redeem used batteries via points of sale, and supply marketers for suitable collection containers for that purpose. Therefore, all points of sale that offer batteries (shops, kiosks etc.) must collect used batteries, free of any charges, regardless of whether new batteries are purchased or not. Respective information must be displayed in a visible place at points of sale.

Collection of used domestic appliances
Importers and manufacturers of electric and electronic appliances (EEA) will be required to redeem used domestic appliances from households. When a natural person wants to purchase electric and electronic appliances (e.g. TV set, fridge, radio etc.) from a store, the store will be required to redeem a used device of the same type (1:1 redemption). It is irrelevant whether electronic waste collection point can be found within 10 km of the store or whether the store has joined some producer liability organisation or not. Stores must not refuse from collection of a used device of the same type when a new device is purchased. If the buyer has not brought the used device with him/her when purchasing a new device, the store may refuse from later redemption of the device. Stores that sell small electronic appliances (side length not exceeding 25 cm), must accept all electronic devices, free of any charge, even without requiring a purchase.