Reimbursement of the costs of adapting dwellings

Compensation for adaptation of dwelling is subjected to persons of profound- and severe disability, whose residence according to the population register is the City of Tallinn and whose residence is situated in Tallinn’s administrative territory. Cost of adaptation to dwelling includes the cost of materials and construction work necessary to perform the adaptation.

Cost of adaptation to dwelling includes the cost of materials and construction work necessary to perform the adaptation.

Cost of adaptation excludes the purchase and installation of technical aids if such technical aids can be purchased and installed according to the social welfare act for applying for technical aids in favorable conditions. List of technical aids, assumption by state of obligation to pay fee for the technical aid and the rules of making exceptions and data on the technical aid card based on the Annex “List of technical aids(in estonian).

Costs are partially compensated if the result of the dwelling adaptation: 1) Sees an improvement in the independent coping in everyday practical activities of the applicant; 2) Sees a considerable decrease in the applicant’s need for additional assistance when moving, performing hygienic actions, cooking, ensuring safety and communicating; 3) Sees the need for additional assistance through service providing or other means become unpractical or impossible.

In 2017, the cost reimbursement rate for adapting a dwelling is EUR 1600.

  • Where to start

    Write an informal application. Contact your local social welfare department and have with you the decision of a committee of medical experts and an also the rehabilitation plan, if possible, with suggestions for living space adaptation. A district employee pays a home visit to the applicant.

    Social Welfare and Health Care Department

    Personal identification

    Have an identity document with you.

    What to do with the form

    Submit it to your local social welfare department.

    Social Welfare and Health Care Department


    The director or deputy director of the social welfare department is responsible for the decision regarding compensation. The result of dwelling adaptation sees an increase in life quality for children or adults with disability, an increase in their ability to cope independently at home, while also forestalling elderly people’s need for social care institutions.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    The person whose rights have been violated when determining compensation for adaptation of dwelling can present a challenge for such incidents at the Tallinn City Government or at the county government. The person, whose challenge is left outstanding or whose rights have been violated during the proceedings can appeal at the Administrative Court according to the Code of Administrative Court Procedure. The person can turn to the Administrative Court without presenting the initial challenge as well.

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