The application must be filled in correctly, there is limited possibility to fill in or supplement the application in the premises and the State Fee must be prepaid.

NB! The law does not allow the submission of a divorce application by e-mail. Please note that the law does not allow the submission of digitally signed divorce applications.

A marriage shall be divorced at the Vital Statistics Department pursuant to a joint application of spouses if the place of residence for both spouses is in Estonia according to the population register and there are no disputes regarding dissolution of the marriage. Disputes regarding assets or children are not an obstacle standing in the way of dissolving a marriage at the Vital Statistics Department.

A divorce-related dispute is a situation in which one of the spouses wants a divorce, but the other does not. Former spouses can solve issues related to the assets and children after the divorce in court or at a notary.

An application for dissolution of the marriage shall be submitted in person and together in the Vital Statistics Department where they want to dissolve the marriage.

If one spouse has a good reason why he/she cannot visit the Vital Statistics Department in order to submit a joint application, he/she can submit a separate application confirmed by a notary. Consular officers shall not confirm such an application. Thus, a separate application can only be submitted at an Estonian notary.

If the divorce application needs to be submitted in a prison, a notary shall be invited to the prison. It is a notarially confirmed application and the director of the prison cannot confirm it. People who are divorcing must have a place of residence in Estonia for the duration of the divorce proceeding.

Before submitting the marriage dissolution application, you need to pay the state fee. You can pay by bank card. In order to make the payment on-line, press the button ‘View pricelists’.

  • Where to start


    1. See joint application to dissolve a marriage.
    2. Come to the Vital Statistics Department with your spouse (Pärnu mnt 67, Tallinn) to submit the marriage dissolution application. If the marriage has been dissolved abroad, use our service to register the divorce in Estonia: Changing and complementing personal details in the population register.

    A marriage certificate is not required if the marriage was registered in Estonia.

    A foreign document (for example, marriage document issued in a foreign country) must be legalised or confirmed with an apostille, unless the international agreement states otherwise.

    A document in a foreign language must be translated into Estonian, Russian or English, except when the document is in Russian or English. If the documents have been translated, the evidence shall be submitted with a translation confirmed by a notary authority, consular officer or sworn translator.

    Personal identification

    Identity document (the passport, ID-card), marriage certificate and the payment order after you’ve paid the state fee. Marriage certificate that was issued abroad has to be legalised or confirmed with an apostil. More information here. Also, the marriage certificate has to be translated into Estonian and the translation must have notarial authentication.

    What to do with the form

    Fill out the divorce application with your spouse. The application form is available on-site or it can be printed out from the homepage. Submit the application to our official who schedules the divorce time, which cannot be take place before one month has passed and no later than three months since the application was submitted.


    Come with your spouse again at a specified time. The official will compose the divorce registration that you and your spouse will sign. You will receive divorce certificates.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    Please follow our guidelines to reach the desired result. If you and your spouse are arguing about the dissolution of the marriage, the Vital Statistics Department shall not dissolve the marriage, instead the court will do this.

    The court shall dissolve a marriage in the event that the spouses are arguing about the divorce or circumstances related to the divorce or if the Vital Statistics Department is not competent to dissolve the marriage (the other spouse does not agree or does not live in Estonia). You can acquire information on obtaining a divorce in an Estonian court from the Harju County Court, located at Lubja 4, harjumk.info@kohus.ee , 620 0100.

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