Family conciliation

Family conciliation is a professional service in the area of family conflicts and divorce. During the family conciliation, a conciliator as an unbiased third party provides support to the disputing partners.

The process promotes parties’ ability to understand the viewpoints and needs of each other, contributing to better cooperation. The process gives the possibility to find out-of-court solutions to problems.

In family conciliation the most common disputes handled are:

issues related to parental child care and child rearing

issues related to the financial support of children

issues related to the place of residence and other way of life of children after their parents’ separation

issues related to mutual home and real estate after divorce all kinds of other issues related to disputes in the family or other issues related to divorce and separation

Family conciliation is available for free only to persons, who are registered as the residents of Tallinn in the population register and have low income, who are then referred to the service by the social welfare department of the local city district government.