Family therapy (Counselling centre for children and youth)

Family therapy is a systematic intervention method, which efficiently mitigates the psychosomatic issues of children and youth, solves their fears, sleeping troubles and eating problems, alleviates traumatic experiences and mourning.

Family therapy often proves useful in solving behavioural, upbringing-related and relationship problems, mitigating school worries and also preventing psychological problems.

In their work, family therapists help families through systematic approach, teach them communication within the family, ways of self-expression, conflict solution and problem solution skills as well as help to promote closer relationships between parents and children.

Family therapists cooperate with specialist doctors, GPs, child protection specialists, school psychologists and teachers.

  • Where to start

    Making an appointment on workdays 6207342 or
    The therapy is available for free to all children, youngsters and their families, who are registered residents of Tallinn.

    The service is provided at counselling centres (Ravi 18-371)on all workdays, by appointment.

    Family therapy results in a better functioning family system

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    • Laste ja noorte nõustamiskeskus

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    Family therapy results in a better functioning family system