Festive entering into a contract of marriage


Due to the risk of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), electronic communication must be used instead of direct contact in vital statistics and population register proceedings.
It is OBLIGATORY to wear MASKS and KEEP DISTANCE in the premises of the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department (2 + 2 rule)!
Only the bride and groom and their minor children can participate at the marriage ceremony in the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department. The movement of photographers is restricted.
NB! The departement has the right not to allow people with obvious signs of illness into the building.

Execution of a festive ceremony of entering into a contract of marriage at the Vital Statistics Deprtment or at the place of request by the persons to be married.

  • Where to start

    You can agree on the use of service when you submit the marriage application. More....

    Personal identification

    Have an identity document with you

    What to do with the form

    Fill out the application form with your future husband on-site (marriage application has to be filled in in Estonian) and give it to our official with whom you will agree on the date of the entering into contract of marriage.


    For the official ceremony at the Tallinn Vital Statistics Office you need to pay (includes 20% VAT):

    official ceremony on Wednesday 60,00 €

    official ceremony on Thursday 60,00 €

    official ceremony on Friday 200,00 €

    official ceremony on Saturday 250,00 €

    Please note! Please add the official ceremony weekday to the explanation.

    It is also possible to organize a festive marriage registration ceremony outside the premises of the Vital Statistics Department at a location of your choice. When you have found the suitable place and reserved a time, please notify us as soon as possible via e-mail abielu@tallinnlv.ee. This way you help to better plan the work of our officials during summer months and help to consider your wishes when you come to submit the application of marriage.

    Official ceremony outside the rooms of the Vital Statistics Department (price includes 20% VAT):

    In Tallinn, outside the official rooms 400,00 €

    Outside Tallinn, in Harju County 500,00 €

    Outside Harju County 700,00 €

    The festive ceremony fees can be paid to the bank account of the Financial Service of the Tallinn City Office:

    SEB pank




    LHV pank


    Luminor Bank



    Tallinna Linnakantselei finantsteenistus

    Reference number




    The closest possibility to thank your guests for participating at the marriage ceremony is at the banquet hall of the Vital Statistics Department that could be rented for 200,00 € (for 2 hours including preparation and cleanup). Our banquet rooms offer you an excellent opportunity to thank your guests immediately after the ceremony when the emotions are the highest and there seems to be no end to the warm congratulations.
    You have a choice between two banquet rooms of different size and capacity, the larger one is suitable for up to 70 guests and the smaller one for up to 30 guests.
    In summer, the festively decorated courtyard of the Vital Statistics Department can be used as an alternative to the banquet rooms. The price includes the rental of the banquet room and drinking glasses! Additional information 645 7482, 645 7484 or e-mail: Irina.Serova@tallinnlv.ee, Katrin.Kommer@tallinnlv.ee


    Festive entering into a contract of marriage.

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    Name Unit Price
    Kombetalitus väljapool ameti ruume Tallinnas üritus 400.00 €
    Kombetalitus väljaspool Harjumaad üritus 700.00 €
    Kombetalitus väljaspool Tallinna Harjumaal üritus 500.00 €
    Pidulik kombetalitus kolmapäeval üritus 60.00 €
    Pidulik kombetalitus laupäeval üritus 250.00 €
    Pidulik kombetalitus neljapäeval üritus 60.00 €
    Pidulik kombetalitus reedel üritus 200.00 €
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