Festive entering into a contract of marriage

Execution of a festive ceremony of entering into a contract of marriage at the Vital Statistics Deprtment or at the place of request by the persons to be married.

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    The additional fees for a festive ceremony are the following (incl VAT 20%):

    Ceremony on a Wednesday 23.00 € (360 kr)
    Ceremony on a Thursday 38.35 € (600 kr)
    Ceremony on a Friday 76.69 € (1200 kr)
    Ceremony on a Saturday 76.69 € (1200 kr)

    It is also possible to organize a festive marriage registration ceremony outside the premises of the Vital Statistics Department at a location of your choice. The fees for this service are the following (incl VAT 20%):

    Registration in Tallinn 268.43 € (4200 kr)
    Registration outside Tallinn but in the Harju County 393.06 € (6150 kr)
    Registration outside the Harju County 651.90 € (10,200 kr)

    The festive ceremony fees can be paid to the bank account of the Financial Service of the Tallinn City Office:

    in SEB, bank account no 10220066773015
    Receiver Financial Service of the Tallinn City Office
    Reference number 5239050050050224
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    Festive entering into a contract of marriage.

    Vital Statistics Department

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    • 30.04.2018 VASTUVÕTT 8.15-16.30; 01.05.2018 OLEME SULETUD

  • Vital Statistics Department

    Name Unit Price
    Pidulik kombetalitus kolmapäeval Üritus 35.00 €
    Pidulik kombetalitus neljapäeval Üritus 35.00 €
    Pidulik kombetalitus reedel Üritus 90.00 €
    Pidulik kombetalitus laupäeval Üritus 90.00 €
    Kombetalitus väljapool ameti ruume Tallinnas Üritus 290.00 €
    Kombetalitus väljaspool Harjumaad Üritus 650.00 €
    Kombetalitus väljaspool Tallinna Harjumaal Üritus 395.00 €
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