Freedom Square LED

We display event advertisements on the Freedom Square screen when the City of Tallinn supports the event or has concluded a cooperation agreement with the establishment or organisation organising the event.

General conditions

  • The advertisement must not contain commercial or political advertising.
  • The logos of the supporters must fit on 1/3 of the screen surface or 1/3 of the surface of one frame of a video clip.
  • The advertisement is displayed during up to two consecutive weeks.
  • The advertisement is displayed on the screen without sound.
  • The length of a video clip may be up to ten seconds.
  • The advertisement must be sent to the recipient 2–3 days before the requested screen time.
  • The file name must not contain dotted characters.

Technical specifications

Video 1408 × 384 px or 1920 × 1080 px (width × height). Aspect ratio 16:9 for 1920 × 1080 px

File extension .mp4

Digital poster 1408 × 384 px – full screen or 704 × 192 px – half screen (width × height). File extension .jpg or .gif


Additional recommendations for producing advertisements

  • Consider the visibility of the chosen colours in outdoor conditions.
  • Check the shape and legibility of the used fonts from a distance.
  • Avoid overly complicated graphics.
  • Use high-quality photos.
  • Where to start

    Please send the name of the uploaded file and display time on

    Prepared advertisements may be sent via freeware programmes (Dropbox,, etc.) or uploaded using FTP.


    Password: bRD8w4

    Tallinn Strategy Center

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