Grant for balconies and awnings

The budget for the action in 2019 is 40,000 euros.

22 198,40 euros of this sum has been assigned for grants, 3 000,00 euros has been reserved for applications being processed, and 11 801,60 euros are reserves. Applications are accepted throughout the year until the end of the action budget.

The giving of grants is regulated by the procedure for giving grants for expert assessments regarding construction engineering to apartment associations for balconies and awnings – before submitting an application, one should review the regulation, especially the requirements for the applicant (§5), the requirements for the expert assessment (§6), and the documents to be attached to the application (§4 (3)).

The grant is given after the completion of the expert assessment. The purpose of the grant is to support the initiative and joint activities of the people of the city, drawing attention to the need to ensure the security of balconies and awnings, and identifying the technical condition of balconies and awnings.

The grant is given to apartment associations that are located in the administrative territory of the city, were built and put into use before 1993, and have three or more apartments. The grant is meant to check the construction engineering situation of balconies, loggias, and awnings on top of entrances.

The maximum rate of the grant is up to 70% of the cost of the expert assessment, but not more than 1,000 euros per apartment building. The grant is not given to cover the cost of an expert assessment carried out before 2018. The expert assessment must include an assessment about the construction engineering of the balconies and awnings of the whole apartment building and provide recommendations about renovating and maintaining them.

The expert assessment (construction audit) must be carried out by a competent person; one should check the competence of the expert from the State Register of Occupational Qualifications. The expert must not be involved in the audited building.

The applicant must meet the following conditions: they must not have a national or local tax arrears, they either must not have other debts before the city or their postponed debts must be paid in accordance with the payment schedule; no liquidation, reorganisation, or bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated against them; and they must be entered into the register of non-profit associations and foundations before submitting the application. The person who performed the expert assessment must meet the requirements provided in subsections 18 (3), (4) as well as sections 23 and 24 of the Building Code. It should be kept in mind that pursuant to Annex 1 to Regulation No. 108 of the Building Code, only engineers authorised by the 8th level of the Estonian qualifications framework and engineers authorised by the civil engineer V professional certificate issued on the basis of the former 5-level professional standard framework can perform construction audits.

  • Where to start

    Review the eligibility conditions and requirements for the application. To fill in and submit the application form, please log into the self-service environment.

    See also the user manual for the applicant, which can be found here.

    The following documents must be added to the application:

    • a copy of the expert assessment report;
    • the invoice of the expert assessment;
    • the payment order proving the payment for the expert assessment;
    • a power of attorney if the application is submitted by an authorised person.

    In their accounting, the applicant must clearly distinguish the costs related to using the grant and the respective cost and payment documents from other cost and payment documents.

    The Tallinn City Property Department processes the applications.

    City Property Department

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      (14:00 - 17:00)

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      (9:00 - 12:00)

    • Tallinna Linnavalitsuse infosaal

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    Personal identification

    Logige sisse ID kaardi või mobiil-ID abil.


    If the application is satisfied, the processor shall inform the applicant via the registry thereof within 7 days and transfer the grant for payment. After that, the grant is paid. The grant is paid within 21 days after the decision is made.