Grant for tidying yard areas

In 2018, the apartment associations operating in Tallinn which are registered in the register of non-governmental organisations and foundations and have been operating at least 6 months may apply for a grant for tidying their yard areas from the city in the amount of up to 70% of the cost of the project.


The maximum amount of the grant allocated per applicant is 15,980 euros per year and 39,950 euros in total over three consecutive years, thereat, the support is allocated from the resources in the budget of the city of Tallinn designed for this purpose after completion of the object which the grant is applied for.

List of activities, for which the aid may be applied


  1. Repairing of roads - Repairing of holes in the pavement of the roads in the yard by impregnation; covering of roads in a very poor condition with recycled asphalt
  2. Building or repairing sidewalks - Building sidewalks to replace the formed footpaths in front of the building of the apartment association; repairing or renewing the asphalt of the existing sidewalks
  3. Solving of a rain water problem - Cleaning of ditches leading rain water into the soil, leading rain water into a combined or separate sewerage system based on approved building design documentation
  4. Building or improvement of a green area, recreational area, or another structure for public use - Maintenance of the grass of an existing green area. Includes filling lower areas with soil, sowing grass, covering problematic areas with turfs of grass
  5. Planting or improvement of trees and bushes - Planning of planting of trees and bushes in clear areas, replacement of dead plants, maintenance of existing trees, cutting of problematic trees
  6. Building or improvement of a playground or sports ground or another structure designed for recreational activities - Maintenance and painting of the existing climbing structures in the playground, installation of new climbing structures, building a new playground, building or maintenance of a basketball court
  7. Building or improvement of a car park - Repairing the asphalt of an existing car park, renewal of asphalt paving, building a car park, expanding an existing car park, marking of parking spaces, installation of traffic signs regulating the manner of parking
  8. Building or improvement of a waste container shelter or a site for waste containers - Building a waste container shelter, building or improving a site for waste containers
  9. Installation or improvement of street lights - Installation of street lights, maintenance of the existing street light system
  10. Building of a fence or enclosure, incl. installation of a barrier - Maintenance of an existing fence or another enclosure, building new ones, maintenance or planting of border hedges
  11. Installation or maintenance of equipment in the yard - Installation of benches, maintenance of existing benches, maintenance or installation of carpet beating racks and laundry drying racks
  12. Reconstruction of the connection between the water supply system of the apartment association and the public water supply and sewerage system - Building separate connection points to residential buildings with subsequent water supply and sewerage connections, the water supply and sewerage systems of which share one connection point with the public water supply and sewerage system, based on a coordinated building design documentation
  13. Reconstruction or demolishing of ancillary buildings - Reconstruction or demolishing of a depreciated shed in the yard area
  14. Construction of a bicycle shelter - Construction of a bicycle shelter designed for safe storage of bicycles
  15. Installation of security cameras - Installation of security cameras to ensure security in the yard area of the apartment association u
  16. Creation of supergraphics (murals) - Decoration of yard areas with supergraphics
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