Yard Makeover or yard improvement allowance

The grant of improvement allowances is governed by Regulation No. 21 of 13 December 2018 of Tallinn City Council on  “Rules for Granting Allowances to Apartment Associations”. The text as published in Riigi Teataja is available here.

Single-copy applications can be filed on paper with the local City District Government. The application form is available here. Before filing the application please read the said Regulation and the list of eligible works set out in Annex 1 thereto. The rate of yard improvement allowance is 15 to 70% of the total cost of planned work but not more than 16,000 euros per year or 40,000 euros per yard. The application for yard improvement allowance must be submitted by March 1. The allowance should be applied for prior to carrying out any work. The applicant must have obtained the competent authority’s approval if so required by the municipal legislation, or filed a building notice or obtained a building permit if relevant works so require according to the Building Code. The application must set out the project budget, description of intended works, number of building notice or building permit as necessary, and the number of felling permit or improvement cutting permit as necessary. The applicant must meet the following criteria: the applicant has no arrears of national or local taxes and does not owe any other amounts to the city, or the relevant staggered instalments have been paid in line with the repayment schedule; the applicant is not subject to liquidation, reorganisation or bankruptcy proceedings; the applicant must be entered in the Non-profit Associations and Foundations Register before filing the application. Accompanying documents:

·       minutes of the general meeting of the apartment association, or minutes of the Board meeting where the articles of association provide it with such authority whereby such minutes must set out the decision to carry out yard improvement works and include a declaration that the applicant is capable financing said works on its own and has duly taken into account that any allowance payable could be the bare minimum;

·       at least two price offers, including the relevant requests for quotes;

·       justification supporting the price offer selected by the applicant in case the cheapest quote was not selected;

·       any approvals from competent authorities where necessary; ·       duly approved design project or design drawing for planned works.

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