Guide dog aid

The aid shall be appointed to a visually impaired person under the following conditions: 1) he/she is the citizen of Tallinn according to the population register and 2) the Estonian National Social Insurance Board has identified that he/she has a severe or profound disability and 3) he/she uses a guide dog that has undergone special training in order to move about on a daily basis. The guide dog has been entered into the Pet Register LLR.

The application must be submitted once a year. The aid shall be paid within one calendar year, once per quarter, one fourth of the aid at a time from the submission of the aid application. In 2017, the amount of quarterly aid for one guide dog user is EUR 165.

  • Where to start

    Guide dog aid can be applied for from one’s city district of residence by submitting a filled in and digitally signed guide dog aid application form to the respective city district

    In order to apply for the aid at the office, you need to bring along a personal identification document.


    Guide dog aid shall be paid to persons entitled to the aid once per quarter.

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