Burial place user specification

Current user of a burial place, i.e. a person, who according to the registry of cemeteries has the righ to use a burial place, must submit an application to a city institution Tallinn Cemeteries, to conclude a usage contract, within three years since 01.01.2011. During the first two years applications can be submitted only electronically. It is possible to register as a user of burial places on the homepage of Tallinn Cemeteries by filling out a "Place User Application" in the E-services environment of a specific cemetary
  • Where to start

    It is possible to register as a burial place user by filling out a “Place User Application” in the E-environment of a specific cemetery on the Tallinn Cemetary homepage. All data fields of the application are compulsory. To find your postcode, use the postcode search of Estonian Post.


    A cemetery employee will check from the register if the applicant has the right to claim a specific burial place. Processing of application data can last between one and six months. After that you can conclude a contract, which can be signed electronically. Standard conditions of a contract.
    It is necessary to log in with an ID-card to use the service. A logged in user can see his/her contact data, which can be changed in case of need, and the list of burial places he/she can use, from which it is possible to choose a suitable one. The user can see the usage contract data next to every burial place.
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