Spatial data and issuance thereof

An underlying map of Tallinn is maintained in the GIS form by the spatial data register of Tallinn (TAR). To be able to use an extract from the M 1:2000 database of the underlying digital map or the WMS service of the underlying map, a contract of loan for the use of assets needs to be concluded. For this, kindly get in touch with the above contact person and describe for what area, in what form and for what purpose data are needed as well as who the user (agency), authorised signatory and contact person are. Plotting aids maintained through 2006 in a drafting format (CAD or DGN) may be downloaded from the application of the Tallinn map archive.

  • Where to start

    Use this service if you would like to receive an extraction of Tallinn's base map as vector data. To receive a small extraction (up to 4 plots 1:2000) you will have to fill out an application. If you need a larger extraction of Tallinn's base map, it is possible to conclude a contract with Tallinn City Planning Department for free use of data.

    Tallinn Strategy Center

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