Municipal Police helpline

By calling to the information number 14410 of Tallinn Municipal Police Department, the department exercises supervision over:
1. Purchase of alcohol to a minor or to an intoxicate person or by minor. Also, the consumption of alcohol in a public place or appearing in a public place while intoxicated;
2. Violations of waste generation, handling, transport and storage requirements and breach of rule concerning submitting waste report;
3. Trade in an inappropriate place;
4. Disturbing the peace of other individuals in a public place;
5. Violations of rules on public maintenance and navvying works and keeping dogs and cats;
6. Parking in a prohibited place;
7. Violations of rules on sales promotion ban of tobacco products and their handling, purchase of tobacco products, offering or delivering to a minor and smoking in a prohibited place;
8. The right to use a bus, tram or trolley. The department also processes complaint based misdemeanors concerning package and package waste collection and package waste recycling.

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    Call to 14410 and tell about your problem
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