Pension supplement benefits

Pension supplement will be available to all the individuals, entitled to pension supplement support, i.e. individuals who receive old-age pension or pension for incapacity for work and adult persons (from the age of 18 years) who receive national or survivor’s pension and who are permanent residents of Tallinn. A person who will become entitled to pension supplement support over the current year can use the pension supplement support from the first day of the calendar month that follows the month (of birthday) for the entitlement of pension supplement support.

  • The next time you make a purchase, you will be able to identify the person at the pension supplement benefit provider by submitting the Tallinn Ühiskaart.

    For contact information, choose institution from the list:

  • Please contact the co-operation partner of the City of Tallinn to apply for pension supplement support. Person applying for pension supplement support must bring a personal identification document (ID card or passport) and personalised Tallinn Public Transport Card when contacting the co-operation partner for the first time. At the first contact from the person, the co-operation partner will also request a written consent of the person for the processing of his/her personal data; this will be followed by checking entitlement for pension supplement support. Co-operation partners (Euroapteek, Südameapteek) may use Tallinn Public Transport Card to register and identify the recipient of pension supplement support. After identifying the entitlement for pension supplement support, the co-operation partner will record the information of the customer and link his/her records to Tallinn Public Transport Card. Next time the purchases can be made at providers of pension supplement support services can be made by identifying the person by submitting Tallinn Public Transport Card

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    Persons, who apply co-operation partners to use their pension supplement support and find that they are not entitled to pension supplement support, must contact the social welfare department of city district government of their place of residence to settle any related matters

    For contact information, choose institution from the list: