Queries in the geosurveying information system

The service enables physical persons to become acquainted with survey areas that are archived in the Geoweb and the stages of the prodecure. The service enables the geodetics companies, that have been registered in the Geoweb, to gain access to space data of surveying works that have been archived in the Geoweb.
  • Where to start

    If you want to study archived survey areas of geosurveying and/or the stage of the process, go to the Information System of the Geosurveys of Tallinn (Geoweb) homepage and log in with your ID-card. If you are a representative of a geodetics company and you have not yet registered in the Geoweb, then submit an application for a Geoweb user account.

    What to do with the form

    If you are a geodetics company and you have not yet registered to the Geoweb then send an application to Aive Treijar (Aive.Treijar@tallinnlv.ee) that includes the username, forename, surname, the personal identification code, e-mail, phone number, password, the company, the registration number for geodetic surveys in the Register of Economic Activities.


    If you are not a registered Geoweb user then by logging in with the ID-card, you can view the areas of surveys and the stage of the process. If you are a registered Geoweb user then you can submit a survey application, when logging to the Geoweb with your ID-card or using your password, and by defining the surveyable area, to download previous surveys of the area from the archive.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    Contact the head of geodetics and cartography section, Jaanis Lill Jaanis.Lill@tallinnlv.ee
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