Restoration benefit

Grants are allocated for the restoration of immovable monuments, buildings in the heritage conservation area in the Old Town of Tallinn, buildings in built-up areas of cultural and environmental value, and buildings deemed valuable in the comprehensive plan. Conservation, restoration of the initial form, and ensuring the optimum conservation conditions are supported.

Grants are allocated pursuant to the procedure adopted by the City Council of Tallinn. The aim of the grants is the preservation of the period-authentic architecture and the use of the materials in Tallinn.

Pursuant to the Heritage Conservation Act, immovable monuments or structures located within heritage conservation areas may only be restored on the basis of the special conditions for heritage conservation, a plan approved by the National Heritage Board, or on the basis of an activity plan for conservation or restoration works.

Restoration of immovable monuments requires a permit for the commencement of the works issued by the National Heritage Board, and the works may only be performed by a person who holds an appropriate activity licence.

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    Further information about the grants can be found from the website of the Heritage Conservation Department of the Tallinn City Planning Department:

    The grants can be applied for on the website of the city of Tallinn, in the self-service environment.

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