Support person for a person with a learning disability

The purpose of the support person service for people with learning disabilities is to prepare an adult person with severe or moderate learning disability (mental disorders excluded) for the use of special care services or start of independent life by supporting the person’s maximum independence while living at home and by preventing the development or deepening of difficulties with coping.

Support person for a person with a learning disability:

· empowers and guides the client in the development of the skills and habits necessary for the activities of daily life;

· empowers and guides in the establishment and maintenance of social relationships;

· motivates the client in realising their rights and using support opportunities, etc.

The service is not provided for persons who are simultaneously receiving special care services funded by the state. The services are provided on the basis of an assessed need and a case plan prepared on the basis of it.

  • Where to start

    Please contact the district administration of your residence. The district administration will assess the need for special care services of the person with learning disability, make a deliberated decision and if a need is established, prepare a letter of referral for the service. The letter of referral is valid until the date of termination of the establishment of the person’s degree of severity of the disability (see the decision of the Ministry of Social Affairs), until the achievement of the activities of the case plan.

    Personal identification

    Please bring an identity document.

    What to do with the form

    Please submit your application with the district administration of your residence.


    The ability to cope of a disabled person is improved

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