Supporting non-profit activities in urban gardening

From 1 January 2020, non-profit organisations in Tallinn, including settlement unions and private schools, can apply for project grants to carry out community garden activities from Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Work Department.

Urban gardening includes community gardens and study gardens for private schools. More information can be found on the Urban Gardening webpage.

The competition will be held in one round. The deadline for submission of applications is 1 February.

Applications must be submitted via the SELF-SERVICE ENVIRONMENT

  • Where to start

    Familiarise yourself with the conditions for receiving the grant and the requirements set out for applications. To fill in and submit your application, please enter the self-service environment.

    Personal identification




    A list of grant recipients will be available on our webpage.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    Grants will be awarded in accordance with a directive of the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Work Department. An objection in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act may be submitted against the directive or it may be disputed in Tallinn Administrative Court (Pärnu mnt 7, Tallinn 15082) for 30 days after its announcement.