Woodwork classes

Educational activities in extra-curricular activity schools are based on curricula approved by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Woodwork classes are part of the technology curriculum.

The purpose of woodwork classes is to teach different materials and how to use tools and equipment. In the classes, practical objects are crafted and techniques are learnt.

There are two price lists for Tallinn’s municipal extra-curricular activity schools:

  1. for the students of the City of Tallinn and Tallinn’s contractual local government units and
  2. for students whose local government of residence is not a contractual partner of the City of Tallinn.

The list of local governments who have concluded a contract with the City of Tallinn for supporting extra-curricular education is available here.


  • Where to start

    Detailed information on the choreography and dance classes and free places is available on the home pages of the relevant extra-curricular schools.

    What to do with the form

    Registration to extra-curricular classes is organised through the extra-curricular activity schools. Locations of Tallinn’s centres for extra-curricular activities are available at the database of the education department.


    You are also advised by the chief specialist of Administrative Unit of the Education Department Andres Vakra, tel 6404977, Andres.Vakra@tallinnlv.ee

    For contact information, choose institution from the list:

  • Tallinna Huvikeskus Kullo

    Name Unit Price
    Meisterdamine, puutöö ja disain, 4 tundi nädalas kuu 32.00 €
    Meisterdamine, puutöö ja disain, 4 tundi nädalas (mitte lepingulise KOV õpilane) kuu 95.57 €
    Meisterdamine, puutöö ja disain, 6 tundi nädalas kuu 37.00 €

    Tallinna Kanutiaia Huvikool

    Name Unit Price
    Puutöö ja meisterdamine 4 tundi nädalas kuu 24.00 €
    Puutöö ja meisterdamine 6 tundi nädalas kuu 28.00 €
    Tehniline algmodelleerimine 4 tundi nädalas kuu 24.00 €
    Tehniline algmodelleerimine 6 tundi nädalas kuu 28.00 €

    Tallinna Nõmme Huvikool

    Name Unit Price
    Puutööring, 2 tundi nädalas kuu 25.00 €
    Puutööring, 4 tundi nädalas kuu 27.00 €

    Tallinna Tondiraba Huvikool

    Name Unit Price
    Mööbli restaureerimine, 4 tundi nädalas kuu 25.00 €
    Mööbli restaureerimine, 6 tundi nädalas kuu 30.00 €
    Puiduõpetus, 4 tundi nädalas kuu 22.00 €
    Puiduõpetus, 6 tundi nädalas kuu 28.00 €