Tondimõisa (Ghost Mansion’s) Park


The park is located at 107 Nõmme Road. It is a former Dunten’s Park. It was an area of the summer manor of the town councillor Jobst Dunt(e) in the 17th century, hence the name of the park. Of the later owners the name of the Toompea alderman Hans Heindrik Falck should be mentioned. He was the man who plantyyted thousands of trees in the city in the middle of the 19th century. He planted a lot of trees in the Dunten’s to fortify the sand dunes, plenty of which surrounded the area. It is a common fact, that he planted thousands of young trees and never let himself be intimidated when gaps in greenery appeared, either due to the sand dunes invasions or any other reasons. He kept on planting the trees. The park was known among the citizens as Dunten’s park. The importance of the summer manors is related to the creation of the parks and gardens, import of the foreign beauty trees and bushes, establishment of the tree nurseries and planting of woods. The park area became overgrown with brushwood by 1995 and was a wasteland littered up with construction and household waste. The park was refurbished in cooperation with Tallinn Communal Department. The walking paths, children’s playgrounds, places for rest and dogs walking ground were created. The alleyway of lime‑trees and horse chestnut trees extends through the park. The specimens of common maple, Saskatoon berries and conifers (silver fir, Serbian fir) were planted in 2009 by the participants of international environmental seminar.

Last updated: 23.05.2014