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Tallinn Statistical Atlas

Tallinn Statistical Atlas provides different city data in table, chart and map format. The application enables view of data trends over years by city, city district or sub-district level. The Statistical Atlas has been developed with the help of the Swedish Innovation Agency VINNOVA in collaboration with Regio Ltd, University of Umeå and University of Iceland. You are welcome to use the application:

Tallinn City Office publishes two annual statistical surveys.

Statistical Yearbook of Tallinn 

This yearbook offers detailed information about Tallinn as well as an excellent comparison with other parts of Estonia. The yearbook was compiled in collaboration with different structural units of city governance of Tallinn, Statistical Office of Estonia and some other enterprises and institutions. All the information is presented in both Estonian and English.

If you would like to order this information material, please contact Tallinn City Office, phone +372 640 4442.


Tallinn Yearbook 

Tallinn Yearbook gives a thorough statistical overview of the developments in all important sectors starting from education, transport, construction and building and ending with e-services catered by the innovative Tallinn City. Enjoy reading.

Yearbook 2014
Yearbook 2012
Yearbook 2011
Yearbook 2010
Yearbook 2009

Yearbook 2008
Yearbook 2007
Yearbook 2005
Yearbook 2004


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